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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Enjoy better indoor air quality and reduced energy bills with heat recovery ventilation from Tempar.

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Heat Recovery Ventilation

Since 1982

Heat Recovery Ventilation is designed to draw fresh air through a ducted system into a building while recovering the heat from the stale air that is drawn out through a separate ducted system. Heat from the stale air is passed to the incoming air through a heat exchanger, maintaining fresh, warm air throughout the building.

Heat recovery ventilation

The importance of indoor air quality

Heat Recovery Ventilation systems are used in homes, buildings and commercial settings to enhance indoor air quality. Scientific evidence shows that poor indoor air quality can have a range of adverse health effects. Heat Recovery Ventilation systems are proven to reduce indoor Co2 levels that can cause fatigue, prevent mould and condensation, decrease toxins and pollen, and lessen airborne germs. Heat Recovery Ventilation systems can also have a significant impact on energy bills and carbon footprint, making it a wise choice for anyone concerned about energy efficiency and environmentally impacts.

Heat recovery ventilation

How Tempar can help

Our HVAC engineers are specialists in the supply, installation, commissioning and planned preventative maintenance (PPM) of heat recovery systems as part of your HVAC system. Importantly, our cross functional team of HVAC engineers, plumbers and electricians can identify and provide solutions for a range of issues, no matter how complex, giving you peace-of-mind that Tempar can deliver your every HVAC need.

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